What is all this buzz about LuLaRoe? | Meet Lori.

When I first heard about LuLaRoe, I wasn’t sure what all the hype was about.  I mean my FB news feed was all about LuLaRoe!  Eventually I attended an online Pop-Up Boutique.  I’m not going to lie, it was a little overwhelming!  Lots of photos of clothing to scroll through, and everyone commenting “SOLD”.  If you have ever attended an online party, you know what I am talking about!  I was lucky enough to snag a black pair of leggings and an Irma top.  Once I put on my leggings and Irma top, I was HOOKED!  The leggings were butter soft and the Irma top was so comfy.  I knew I was going to be a LuLaRoe junkie!  I purchased a few more items to add to my collection, but then I started to think about selling LuLaRoe.  My husband and I talked about it for a couple of months and we decided it would be a good opportunity.

LulaRoe, Lori Witkopp in WI • The Lake Country Mom


Why do I love LuLaRoe so much?

What is all this buzz about LuLaRoe? | Meet Lori.


A lot of LuLaRoe clothing is made in the US.  LuLaRoe headquarters is in California.  LuLaRoe is growing so fast, which means more jobs in the US!

Their clothes are unique!    One thing that is really awesome about LulaRoe is that for every cut of fabric, they only make 2,500 pieces in that fabric and then it’s gone forever! So it may be tough for you to find the exact dress that you loved on someone else, but that does mean that what you’re getting is unique and different and hardly anyone else is going to own the same dress as you!

The clothing is SOOOO comfortable! Their leggings are like butter. Their tops are super soft. Their dresses are stretchy, forgiving, flattering and comfy! I love that I can just throw on a LulaRoe dress and head out the door and I feel cute, confident, pretty, comfortable, and put together!  


They’re affordable!  Most items run between $25-$65.  The most expensive dress is $65.00.  LuLaRoe even offers little girl’s clothing!


There is a size and style for everyone.  LuLaRoe is constantly changing fabric and patterns.  They offer funky patterns, not to funky patterns, florals, stripes and solids.  Sizes range from XXS up to 3XL.  I love that LuLaRoe offers such a wide range of sizes.  Not everyone is a size 2!  A lot of plus size women have a hard time finding clothes that look good on them and fit them.

LuLaRoe, Lori Witkopp • The Lake Country Mom


So let’s talk about hosting an in home Pop-Up Boutique.  I know everyone has done the in home party thing.  Everyone comes to your house you watch a consultant for 30-45 min. (hopefully no longer than that!) and then you look through the catalog and place your order which comes in about a week or two.  BORING! (No offence to other Direct Sellers!)  That is NOT how a LuLaRoe party works!  There is NO presentation and NO catalogs.  I can’t tell you how many people have asked for a catalog.  You won’t find one with LuLaRoe!  I bring my ENTIRE inventory to your house! It usually consists of about 400 pieces of clothing!  The party typically lasts for 2 hours.  Your friends come and go as they please.  You buy right off the rack!  That’s right!  No ordering!  It is so much fun to see women shopping together and having fun.  I mean how often do you get to shop with all of your friends?  This is probably the easiest party to host.  All you need is a few light snacks, maybe some adult beverages and your girlfriends!  

There is also the option to host an Facebook Pop-Up Boutique as well.  This takes even less effort!  You just need to invite friends!!!  I feel like if you and your friends are new to LuLaRoe, it’s better to have an in home Pop-Up Boutique.  It is very important to try on all of the styles so you know how they fit.

People ask me all the time if I have a website to order from.  The answer is no.  I have a Facebook group (LuLaRoe with Lori) where I occasionally post all of my inventory.  Some women have a hard time understanding that they can’t just order a certain style in a certain pattern.( I know this is a new concept! We are used to being able to order whatever we want!)  Recently I have been doing some Periscope sales.  If you aren’t familiar with Periscope, it’s a free app that lets you watch live broadcasts.  You are able to comment, while I am talking.  How it works is a hold up the item so everyone can see it.  If you would like to purchase it you comment SOLD.  then I will give you a number.  After you are done shopping you fill out my google form and tell me what numbers you are claiming.  It’s kind of like a Facebook party, but done live.  It’s a lot more fun for me.  I also do broadcasts on how to style your LuLaRoe.  You can follow me @LWittkopp.

Let’s meet the gals!

Meet Cassie. She’s the multi tasker of the bunch!.  She is made out of super stretch and forgiving material that will keep you comfy and looking good all day!  You can dress her up or dress her down. This is a must have for your LuLa collection.  She can be worn as a skirt and also an infinity scarf.

LuLaRoe, Lori Witkopp • The Lake Country Mom

Meet Lindsay. She’s an amazing kimono made from mesh, lace and other beautiful materials that drapes gorgeously over your shoulders to complement any outfit you have. The breathable factor of the lace and mesh material make this piece a dream for people who love to layer, work in an office where it gets chilly during the day or live in an area where the temperature can change by 40 degrees from morning to evening.

LuLaRoe, Lori Witkopp • The Lake Country Mom

Meet Julia. The Julia Dress is probably the most versatile piece in the LuLaRoe Collection.  She can be sassy or smart! Julia can be dressed up, down or even with other LuLaRoe pieces. Size down from your regular size for a nice, snug fit that’s perfect for folding up and wearing like a tunic or showing of your curves or size up for a more relaxed fit. (I wear a size Small for a very form-fitting look or size up to a Medium for a looser fit).

LuLaRoe, Lori Witkopp • The Lake Country Mom

Meet Nicole.The Nicole dress is a beautiful A-line dress.  Remember when you were a little girl and you loved the twirly dresses? This is the dress for you! Nicole is  flattering on all sizes from XXS-3XL.  

LuLaRoe, Lori Witkopp • The Lake Country Mom

These are just a few of the styles I carry.  I have Maxi Skirts, Tops, Little Girl dresses, Little Girl Tops, and of course leggings for everyone!

Ready to check out LuLaRoe?  
Attend my #TGIF LuLaRoe Ladies night on June 3rd from 6-8pm.  

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LuLaRoe, Lori Witkopp • The Lake Country Mom



Disclosure: Although this is a sponsored blog and The Lake Country Mom was compensated to feature this business, all opinions are our own and we would only feature businesses we would use in our own family. 

We love you, Lake Country!

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