Summer is coming! | GALS Summer Camps have launched.

Have you heard of Gals Institute in Delafield yet? Perhaps you have, perhaps you are not quite sure what they are all about. I absolutely adore everything about their mission, especially as a mother, and being a mother of a young daughter in her tween years. The staff is so amazing, the space is quaint and welcoming.

Here is who they are:

Gals Institute, LLC is a passion project started as a means to help support individuals, families and adolescents in this changing world. We want this clinic to be a safe place for families and kids to feel open to share, learn and grow. We focus on PREVENTION… because we know that small problems can become BIG problems (and it’s always easier to solve small problems.)  We focus on HEALING… because we know that life is hard, and everyone has challenges, and none of us does it alone. If you’ve been struggling, don’t wait anymore. The key is take that first small step – just START somewhere, and now. Call (262) 434-0540 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to connecting with you!

Gals Institute, LLC PREVENTION & HEALING FOR INDIVIDUALS, COUPLES, FAMILIES AND ADOLESCENTS Located in Delafield, WI | Serving Southeastern Wisconsin • The Lake Country Mom
Be a confident tween/teen…

  • Learn how to manage stress & anxiety (so common today!) in positive, effective ways
  • Recognize healthy versus unhealthy friendships, and how to navigate them
  • Manage and control the technology & social media in your life, so it doesn’t control you
  • Create a more satisfying, enjoyable relationship with your parent(s)
  • Develop leadership skills to feel empowered in your life and increase your sense of self

Be a confident parent…

  • Enjoy a strong, positive relationship with your tween/teen(s)
  • Improve and strengthen your relationship with your spouse
  • Reduce stress, anxiety & overwhelm, and increase support & self-care
  • Feel more connected to others in your life and less isolated… (You are not alone!)
  • Reconnect with joy, pleasure and pure fun

    Not only do they offer workshops, classes and sessions all year long,
    but they also have SUMMER CAMPS + WORKSHOPS!

Gals Institute, LLC • The Lake Country Mom



GALS Institute, LLC is located in Delafield (near Target)
394 Williamstowne Dr, Suite 10

Phone: 262-434-0540

We love you, Lake Country!

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