Holiday Traditions: Our take

Holiday Traditions: Our take
Thanksgiving tablecloth (you could do it for any holiday, however)

The Lake Country Mom team is bringing you our favorite moments and traditions this holiday season. Stay tuned for the full series.

Rachel shares her story of tradition.

When I was younger, actually just bit out of high school, around 2003 our extended family on my mom’s side of the family pulled out a blank white table cloth with a pile of markers on Thanksgiving. I am not sure who even came out up with it that Thanksgiving.

We picked the color for that year, we wrote the year and each one of wrote we were thankful for that year. The next year, we’d choose another color, the year and what were were thankful for. We kept it going all this time, without fail…well wait, one year we forgot to bring it, and then brought it to Christmas instead, ha!

But, anyway. It’s been amazing, each Thanksgiving we look forward to reading what we wrote on our own. We laugh at the funny ones, cry at the sad ones, we smile more than anything. Over the years we have lost loved ones, we have prayed and hoped for healing and good news, we have added to our families with new babies, we have missed relatives that could not attend Thanksgiving that one time. The teenage boys would write silly or funny things. Some would even tease another family member. Each comment we read brings back a powerful + good memory. Each word holds so much meaning. We even have outlines of the baby or toddler hands when they were too small to write what they were thankful for. The idea is to write with love.

So here we are in our 16th year of writing on our Thanksgiving tablecloth. It’s getting close to run out of room to write. We will write smaller? We will get another table cloth? We will keep it going….

Thank you for letting me share our family tradition. If you decide to start your own tablecloth, we’d love to hear about it!

What are your traditions?


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