Best Ice Cream & Frozen Custard in the Lake Country Area

 Best Ice Cream & Frozen Custard in the Lake Country Area

The Best Ice Cream and Frozen Custard in the Lake Counry Area.

Growing up in Wisconsin, ice cream and frozen custard become a staple in your family. I have lived here all my life. I have had ice cream and frozen custard almost everywhere. There is something about diggin’ your spoon into a big bowl of frozen paradise that reverts you right back to your childhood. I sometimes say I enjoy the creaminess of frozen custard, whereas other days I prefer the airy texture of ice cream. So the great debate, which one is better?

Ice Cream vs. Frozen Custard Facts

  • Ice Cream: It is made from milk and cream, stirred slowly and contains abput 50% air.
  • Frozen Custard: Similar to ice cream-made with eggs in addition to cream and sugar. The eggs really make a difference and give it a thicker, creamier and smoother texture than ice cream.

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Best Ice Cream & Frozen Custard in the Lake Country Area

1. LeDuc’s Frozen Custard-Wales, WI
240 W. Summit Ave
Visit their website here.

Everyday at LeDuc’s they produce three fresh custard flavors for you to enjoy: chocolate, vanilla and a flavor-of- the-day. As with all of our products, these are made using only the highest quality homemade custard mix. Stop in and try one their delicious custard treats and you will see why Leduc’s custard is famous throughout all of the lake country area.

 2. Culver’s -124  Wisconsin Locations
Nearby: Wales, Hartland, Mukwonago, Waukesha, Oconomowoc
Visit their website here.

From Caramel Cashew to Mint Chip to Red Raspberry, Culver’s Fresh Frozen Custard Flavor of the Day is different every day. Handcrafted in small batches with the finest ingredients. Remember to ask: “What’s today’s Flavor of the Day?”  They also feature chocolate and vanilla daily.

3. Chocolate Factory – 7 Wisconsin Locations
Nearby: Oconomowoc, Pewaukee, Waukesha
Visit their website here.

Nothing against vanilla, mind you. It’s always available and the creamiest, smoothest you’ll taste. But their repertoire includes a variety of Blommer’s best flavors. Available in cups, cones, sundaes and take-home pints and quarts. For bursts of berries, abundant nuts, ribbons of sweetness and new takes on old favorites, Blommer’s has got it licked.

4. Oscar’s Frozen Custard-2 Wisconsin Locations
Nearby: Waukesha
Visit their website here.

Creamy and  famous custard featuring unique flavor of the day, sundae of the month, shake of the month that will entice your taste buds. A classic frozen custard destination.

5. The Kiltie-Oconomowoc
N48W36154 Wisconsin Ave
More information click here.

 An Oconomowoc classic featuring delicious, sweet-creamy custard. A thriving icon of the lake country area. Experience the drive-in experience with your family today!

Favorite Ice cream places in lake country area

Okay, okay, okay. Perhaps, I fancy custard to ice cream per my list of favorites. Who knew? So these choices are in my opinion for the best ice cream & frozen custard in the lake country area. There are many other fabulous places you can tantilize your tastebuds with a frozen dessert- ice cream or frozen custard, what and where will it be?

Some other great ice cream & frozen custard places in the lake country area:
Dairy Queen
Cold Stone Creamery
Bubba’s Frozen Custard
Kopp’s Frozen Custard
Sweet Dreams Hartland
Whelan’s Coffee & Ice cream
Wholly Cow in Delafield


What are your favorites? Please share!

We love you, Lake Country!


  1. John Hein says

    Can’t believe you forget about Wholly Cow Custard in Delafield. Right up there with LeDuc’s in my book. Quaint shop right next to Zin, another of my favorites. Nothing better than a lunch at Zin with a custard cone for dessert from the Wholly Cow

    • Rachel Reed says

      HI John! I did-and now I added it-they are GREAT, I would agree. Thanks for the reminder and great advice. 🙂

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