From Passion to Profit: Navigating the Business Side of Your Dream: Meet Jessie

We got the honor of chatting with Jessie. If you know her, you love her, and if you don’t know her you should! She is known for having a very successful coffee shop in the heart of downtown Hartland, and it is a true gem that keeps our community connected + caffeinated! 

Take a look what she is up to, and what she has to tell you about… 

Too often small business owners are following a dream, but don’t realize how important the “business” part is to actually running a business. It’s often looked at as an extension of a passion. I’m a great baker, so I can open a bakery. Right??

Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses struggle or fail because of this mentality. Running a business means handling the accounting, the marketing, the supply chain, the HR, regardless of what the product is. And not enough people get themselves ready for that side of things.

That’s where I plan to help!

My name is Jessie Puzach and I own Birch & Brick Consulting, a small business consulting firm. I also own Birch & Banyan Coffee, a successful coffeeshop in the Village of Hartland, and the inspiration behind my consulting firm. I’ve seen many incredibly baristas try to open coffeeshops, and they often struggle when they realize that their day to day is very rarely made up of actually making coffee drinks. I’ve always said that if I’m the best barista on my team, then it’s a poorly run business. I need to surround myself with the best people for the job, so that I can handle the behind the scenes of running the place.


I’ve often informally helped other people start or grow their businesses over the years, and I’d love to turn that into something more official. I want to help people put their dreams and talents toward opening their own small businesses, and do it the right way, without having to learn everything as they go.

Of course I know the most about coffeeshops, but my area of expertise lies in customer facing small businesses in general, primarily retail and hospitality. So we’re talking places like bakeries, boutiques, florists, inns, etc. I can help for specific projects, or I can be someone that you check in with regularly, like a board of directors all in one person.


Reach out if you want to have a conversation!

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