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After much anticipation there is now a place where girls can go to explore their strengths and build their confidence. Gals Institute, Inc located in Delafield, WI.  Read about Dee Marincic, owner of Gals Institute, Inc on what lead her to what she is today…

“As a mother myself  I take pride in helping my daughters as well as yours accomplish a strong sense of self and overcome all of those obstacles that they are facing with today’s social media craziness. As I like to say it wasn’t like that when we were growing up – it is very true. It is only going to get harder and we need to give useful life skill tools to our girls for them to be able to work through and maintain a healthy authentic sense of self. Gals Institute has been a passion project of mine for years and I hope it becomes a strong resource for girls in Lake Country and Waukesha county. The opening of a space and permanent home for Gals has allowed me to offer 2-3 events a month and ongoing support groups that will evolve and change while meeting the needs of families today. We also provide therapy services that address a array of issues from anxiety disorders, trauma, addiction and family/couples counseling.
I also believe that collaborating with other leaders in wellness care is essential, my goal is to create a organization that is built on teamwork and partnerships to help families in this area. I am always networking and enjoy meeting folks who share a passion to help and evoke change in healthy ways.

gals Self-Esteem Workshop • The Lake Country Mom
I truly  believe with all my years in this field that prevention is the key to a families success. Do not wait for the crisis or struggle and please don’t even say “not my kid” in my presence. It’s all our kids and as a community we need to provide the support and education to build strong leaders and with that healthy role models to carry on to the next generation. 
I really disliked being a teen and those bad memories stick. I wish I had a positive female role model be there to plant the seeds of empowerment and help me tap into my unique quirky self. Thankfully, I had great friends to balance out my struggles at home, with a sibling who had addiction issues, life at home was unpredictable. My escape from my home chaos was my job at a local roller rink and my friends. I want girls and boys to have options and opportunities to explore what their good at and tools to strengthen their sense of self. Gals institute is everyone’s safe haven to be themselves in a positive environment.” –Dee Marincic, Owner of Gals Institute, Inc

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I Rachel (The Lake Country Mom) have known Dee since last summer. I met her through this blogging and networking, and people spoke so highly of her in this community. I held an advertising giveaway last summer, and I could think of no one more deserving than Dee and Gals. She is the most genuine and kind person you could ever meet. Her passion, her vision, her staff and their events and services is everything I wish I had a young girl, it’s everything I would want available for my own daughter. My daughter is about to turn eleven years old. She is a “tween,” these are the years that are hard, and having the support and outlet of an organization like Gals is pretty incredible. I had the honor of touring Gals in their new location in Delafield, it is right across the street from Target-super easy to find. It is warm, inviting and full of possibilities. Her heart was put into every single detail. Each month there are new events. I invite you to visit their website, follow them on Facebook, read their flyer, if not for you, for your daughter, your granddaughter, your niece, your friend, your neighbor, you sister-help spread the word. Growing up is hard why not give the girl in your life a strong sense of self, help her. Gals also offers other therapy services for families and couples as mentioned above. There is something for everyone.

Gals Institute, Inc is located at 394 Williamstowne Dr Suite 10, Delafield, WI 53018

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Gals Institute in Delafield, WI offers Prevention and healing for families, Individuals and adolescence. Workshops and events empowering healthy selves and relationships. • The Lake Country Mom

We love you, Lake Country!

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