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As parents, you should also be focused on the attention that your body deserves.  Lake Country Health Center strives to bring you the finest in personalized healthcare. With over 25 years experience in the Delafield and surrounding areas, Dr. Daniel Murray and Dr. Shannon Stadler, and their integrated team of associates blend traditional chiropractic care with additional therapies like massageacupuncturenutrition and rehabilitative exercise to achieve excellent results.

A high level of care and attention to our patients defines the holistic, noninvasive approach to treating injuries and pain at our facility.

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Lake Country Health Center • The Lake Country Mom

Children experience more slips, falls, hits, accidents, and bruises during their activities in one week than some
adults experience in one year! This is in part due to the fact that they grow so quickly which affects their coordination and the tension their body is withstanding. The problem is that we leave all of the damage that they do to their body, day after day, completely untreated. Typically, we do nothing until they have painful and permanent musculo-skeletal problems as an adult. By then, issues and injuries have compounded making them more complicated to resolve! Children (and adults) who are adjusted regularly enjoy the benefits of a stronger immune system, better sleep and improved energy, concentration, and behavior! Because chiropractic care is covered by many insurance companies and families’ deductibles have been met for the year, we’ve been seeing an increase in parents bringing their children in for spinal checkups too!


Well-educated and concerned parents seeking to avoid the frequent use of antibiotics and medications are turning to chiropractic care to effectively manage ear infections and sinus issues, in addition to growth spurts and injuries.

Check out Lake Country Health Center’s top 10 reasons parents bring their children to see us:


While considering all of the physical demands that being a parent of young children entails, such as:

Carrying a car seat, heavy diaper bag, and purse with everything that may be needed throughout your day

Crawling on your hands and knees to fetch items from under furniture

Bending to pick up toys, bottles, and shoes

Lifting your child into the highchair, car, or your embrace

•   •   •   •

Along with chiropractic care, therapeutic massage is a natural fit; both treatments use the hands to soothe and promote natural healing in the body.  Massage delivers benefits to the body through the practice of applying varying degrees of pressure and movement to manipulate muscles and soft tissues while decreasing muscle tension, pain, stress, and depression.

Lake Country Health Center located in Delafield, WI • The Lake Country Mom

I (Rachel) recently received a massage at Lake Country Health Center and I was so impressed. I was welcomed by a super friendly staff and invited back into a dimly lit calm massage room. The ambiance immediately put me at ease! I was sort of nervous, as this was my first first massage ever (I know!) and as soon I walked in and met my massage therapist, I knew I was going to enjoy it. I felt serenity. I undressed to my comfort level and laid under warm blankets on the table, soft music played, the smells of essential oils filled the room. My massage therapist was soft spoken and very personable, she asked if I had concerns or any areas that felt tight or needed some “work.” We decided I would benefit from a full body massage-in about 50 mins—-I went from tense to so relaxed. I cannot even say enough. I left feeling like I had years of stress rubbed out and my body was so happy I did. They recommend drinking a lot of water before and after your massage, so please do! I cannot wait to go back! 

Good news for you is that…


Lake Country Health Center is offering $15 off your first massage session when you mention this blog post!


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(262) 646-5800
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Disclosure: Although this is a sponsored blog post, and The Lake Country Mom was paid to write this post and given a complimentary massage, all opinions are our own. The Lake Country Mom is on no way held responsible for your health or decisions about your health. 

We love you, Lake Country!

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