Loft 24 Re-Grand Opening + New Features!

The move is over and Loft 24 is ready to show off the new place! Please come and see their new space and check out their new website and all the new offerings available with this new space, now located at:

1341 W. Wisconsin Avenue
OconomowocWI  53066

New Offerings at Loft 24!
– Membership – Designed to save you BIG!
– High Speed WIFI 
– Virtual Office Services
– 30 Co-working Spaces
– Conference Room & Meeting Rooms
– 6 Designated Desks
– Private Business Offices
– Event Space
– Team Building/Workshop Space

Rentals come with a 9 am to 5 pm Receptionist, Kitchen, 2 bathrooms, all the necessities of an office (pens, staplers, etc.), access to a Printer, Full Wall White Boards, free Coffee, Water & Snacks, lots of great events for you to join in on and MORE!

I was able to get a sneak peak tour, and I was so impressed, it still has the same vintage and unique feel, but much more to offer and use!

Loft 24’s NEWEST offering! Co-Working!

You may or may not have heard about co-working. It’s exploding into the freelance and startup space all across the globe and now in Oconomowoc. Co-working facilities are locations that are usually urban, modern and collaborative shared offices and/or work spaces. And if you work from home, there’s some really great reasons you should be co-working instead, or at least every once in while.

Loft 24 Grand Re-Opening - Free • The Lake Country Mom

Here’s why:

1. Business Networking Opportunities

If you’ve ever stepped foot into a coworking space, you know that there’s an undeniable sense of community. Without overwhelming or distracting you, your peers share an unspoken connection to you. You’re working remotely together, which isn’t as popular as it should be yet, so getting to meet others who share your work style is an incredible way to network among that community. A lot of small startups work from coworking spaces, too! Because of that, there’s incredible business collaboration incentives inside of these shared work spaces.

2. You’ll Make Friends

Awwww, didn’t the thought of that excite you?! Working from home can get lonely.Besides the professional networking, coworking spaces also provide the opportunity to expand your social circle. Nearly 80% of coworkers were born after 1975, so Millennials have have extra ease making friends within a shared work space. Also, you’ll inevitably run into a remote worker traveling through town with some awesome stories. Or, you’ll end up seeing another remote worker you’ve seen before at the coffee station. That’s when you’ll start to chat and boom, another bridesmaid for your wedding. Well, maybe not that close, but, your cat has mentioned the conversation between you two is getting a little dull.

3. Coworking Spaces are Relaxing

Are you avoiding coworking offices because your last office job was stressful? Of course it was. It’s loud, sterile-looking, and you’re stacked on top of one another. Good news, many coworking offices have put a great deal of effort into designing their spatial layouts to induce peacefulness, which means they look pretty cool, too!

4. Improved Focus

I’m not sure about you, but I get incredibly distracted working from home. I struggle to create a clear distinction between my work/home hours/life. It’s easy to answer the phone, a knock at the door, or start doing chores when I should be working. I love that I have the flexibility to do those things, but the distractions can really add up for me if I don’t reign it in and keep tabs on myself. The best way to do this? Make yourself accountable by removing yourself from the distracting area and get into a focused, distraction-free coworking zone. These spaces are devoted to being low on the distractions, so you’ll get on a laser-focused level in no time.

5. You Could Get Hired There

Remember how I said that a lot of startups are in the coworking space? Even yet-to-be-established startups have their roots in the coworking world, so it’s likely there’s a developer, a marketer, a writer or another type of entrepreneur with the next coolest tech idea coworking alongside you. And maybe she’ll venture into a business soon. Also, freelancers and contract workers have the opportunity to meet new clients through this outlet. Many interns have found work with startups through coworking spaces.  Of course, these opportunities are what you make of them, but there is certainly a better chance of a coworking buddy hiring you than your cat. I’m not sure he’s even hiring, to be honest (and his burndown chart is disheartening).

Loft 24 is all about offering you space to do What You LOVE, Space to Celebrate and Entertain, and Space to Create and Work!

Loft24 is a unique & creative party room, meeting space & event rental facility! They are the {Perfect} place to celebrate anything!!!! Host showers, birthday parties, workshops, community meet ups, classes, fundraisers and much more!

You can rent Loft 24 by the hour, day, week and month for various services! They also offer a membership so you can save!

You can bring all your own food & beverages! There is 3000 sq ft of amazing space and seating for up to 85 people!

They are 100% furnished with an eclectic mix of vintage & unique pieces and fully decorated with eclectic style so there’s no need for you to rent or do anything!

Loft 24 Grand Re-Opening - Free • The Lake Country Mom

December 11th, 2015

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Visit their website:
Call: 262-354-8304
Email: contact {at}

We love you, Lake Country!

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