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What if I told you that your child can live in a world that is glittered with whimsy – a world where fairies and superheroes take flight to play with princes and princesses in gardens filled with laughter and a sense of wonder right here in the lake country area? Well, it’s true, they can!

Petite Pas Ballet (sounds like “pah”:  meaning step or series of ballet steps in French) is opening September 2014 in downtown Delafield. Petite Pas is a ballet school exclusively focused on laying an age-appropriate foundation of ballet, with dashes of whimsy and magic to boys and girls from 18 months to 8 years of age.

Petite Pas Ballet School in downtown Delafield opening this September of 2014 • The Lake Country Mom

In our little world, fairy tales and ballet live happily ever after.


| About Petite Pas Ballet School |

While many other dance schools offer creative movement classes for children as an addition to a roster of pre-professional programs, their unique curriculum creates a loving, stress-free foundation to better prepare kids for their later steps at some of the best dance schools in and around Milwaukee – or whatever other creative and athletic endeavors they choose to pursue as they move into tweendom and beyond.

Petite Pas Ballet School in Delafield is ready to take the Milwaukee and lake country area’s living room leapers, whirling wonders, monkey-bar monsters and tippie toe masters and turn them into dancers – at least one class at a time!

Come learn to fly with us using caprice and magic, fantasy and humor. 


Petite Pas Ballet School in downtown Delafield opening this September of 2014 • The Lake Country Mom

| The Staff |

The wonderful teachers at Petite Pas Ballet School will nurture and cultivate your child’s natural born creativity, imagination and movement with each and every “pas.” At Petite Pas Ballet, they believe that it is absolutely imperative to nurture a child’s imagination. Please join them to help foster your child’s creativity no matter the platform – theirs just happens to be ballet!

About the owner: Valerie’s career over the last six years has been with two professional ballet companies:  Madison Ballet in Madison, Wisconsin and most recently, Company C Contemporary Ballet in California.  In Madison she served as the Executive Director and in California as the Director of Development and Marketing.  Previous to her professional career in the arts, namely ballet, she worked for another large non profit, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in both Wisconsin and Central New England and prior to that as the Regional Director of Marketing for Papa John’s Pizza in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and New England. In response to a lack of whimsical dance programs available for children under the age of three, she felt that opening a quaint ballet studio in a most quaint town (Downtown Delafield) would be exactly what the area needs.

Petite Pas Ballet School in downtown Delafield opening this September of 2014 • The Lake Country Mom

About the instructors: Valerie has hired a fantastic teaching staff!  Annette, our Ballet Mistress, has a robust resume of teaching dance to both younger and pre-professional dance students in addition to an educational background in early childhood education.  Annette is responsible for developing an educational curriculum that not only engages a young child mind/body connection but in a most whimsical way!  She will also be teaching many of the classes.

Ally, another teacher with a most incredible resume of teaching ballet to the youngest of dancers (18 months old) to adult ballet classes will be teaching at the studio and also bringing our program to area schools through our program called “Movement In Your World.”  She is also simultaneously working on her masters in early childhood education.

Together they are a most dedicated team that will not only nurture each and every child’s creativity but will protect it in a most enchanting environment.

| What classes do they offer? |

Petite Tot Division  (Toddlers ages 18 months – 3 years)

Studies show that the impact of music and movement at an early age will provide essential skills for learning. Dancing in an environment where creativity is the key ingredient, this division is designed to awaken your child’s imagination while creating an inevitable bond with their dance partner (parent or guardian).

The Petite Tot Division is designed to accomplish just that, a bond between a parent or guardian in an enchanting environment where your little dancer will receive a very early introduction to ballet.  This class will expose our youngest dancers to movement, creativity and exploration of the mind/body connection. Despite a most enchanting time, the fundamentals of movement will be introduced and will create a lifelong love for the arts – not to mention glorious confidence. Remember, ballet is not just for girls!  Bring in your superheroes, and we will challenge them to achieve their creative potential in a fun and exciting environment too.

 Moms, dads, grandparents and nannies are encouraged to express alongside their little dance partner for the best experience imaginable!  We follow a structured curriculum that promotes consistency and celebrates your toddler’s involvement (and of course imagination) while leaping over “lily pads or skyscrapers” and scooping up a bunch of “fluffy clouds” in their arms.

Petite Pas Ballet School in downtown Delafield opening this September of 2014 • The Lake Country Mom

Petite Children’s Division (Young Children ages 3 – 5 years)

Oh, we know how important it is to help your little one embrace this new found independence and sense of self! The Petite Children’s Division is designed to embrace the more independent child while building on their previous introduction to ballet.

 This division still focuses on the magic and enchantment of ballet with fairytale stories and classical music. Designed for boys and girls ages three to five, these classes begin to introduce more structure while embracing and protecting their creativity. Whether they become dancers, football players or a balletomane, here they will walk away with an uncompromised appreciation of the art form.  We are positive you will have front row seats to plenty of living room recitals where your little ones will show off all they learned in class.

Petite Pre-Ballet Division (Children ages 6-8 years)

At this level our little dancers are booming with confidence and have a pretty solid sense of self!

Designed for boys and girls ages six to eight, we continue to focus on building on the foundation they have already mastered. This is achieved with a more structured program with basic barre and choreography work all the while ensuring that the whimsy of our studio is uncompromised with costumes, accessories, props and expression to the umpteenth degree!  All of this because dancing on our tippie toes and twirling to our heart’s content will never (ever) grow old.

Upon completing the Pre-Ballet Division, our dancers will be ready to transition into higher levels of ballet instruction in one of many wonderful ballet schools in and around Waukesha County.  Petite Pas Ballet School will work with other studios to find the right fit for your dancer. The metro-Milwaukee area has a lot to offer our little graduates, and we will ensure the transition works for you and your family.

Petite Pas Ballet School in downtown Delafield opening this September of 2014 • The Lake Country Mom

Registration is open now for September classes, classes are small so hurry!


| Where are they located? |

Petite Pas Ballet School
524 Milwaukee St, Suite 204
Delafield, WI 53018

Petite Pas Ballet School in downtown Delafield opening this September of 2014 • The Lake Country Mom

When deciding where to open their first metro-Milwaukee’s only storybook ballet studio, they felt that their philosophy and overall feel fit perfectly with Downtown Delafield. Located upstairs from the ever popular Eye Candy, they are centrally located in the most adorable town that offers plenty for parents to do while their little ones twirl to their hearts’ content.

Downtown Delafield is quaint with its unique offerings. The experience you and your kids will have at Petite Pas is exactly that: quaint and unique. The studio is bright, inviting, and decorated in a manner that evokes creativity and a sense of wonder.

More! Petite Pas also does birthday parties! Another bonus that I am super excited for… they will also be doing adult ballet classes in the future, great for toning!

| How do I find out more and register? |

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We love you, Lake Country!

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