Summer SUP Yoga in Lake Country : Soul On Yoga + Boards and More

A beautiful collaboration in lake country is happening.

SUP = stand up paddle board yoga. It’s fun and great for your mind, body, and soul. Nothing compares to relaxing, floating, and playing on the water!  It may not be salty air or ocean smells, but having the lake waves gently rocking your board is the perfect music to your ears.

Soul on Yoga

That’s right, venturing off land and into the water.

Classes are taught on a variety of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boards, all presented by Boards and More out of Oconomowoc, WI. All boards are designed specifically to be the most stable and comfortable – perfect for doing yoga! All equipment will be provided for you, no matter which lesson or class you decide to take. That’s paddles, boards, anchors, and life jackets.

 Located on the beautiful shores of Lake Fowler in downtown Oconomowoc, Boards and More is all about integrating fitness and fun.

Learn to stand up paddle board in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment! Whether you are a first time paddler or an experienced water person, you will have a great time learning to paddle. All levels!

Summer SUP Yoga is a collaboration between Soul On Yoga and Boards and More.

SUP SOY_SUP_SipandSup_SM_R2 Sweeties SUP with Soul on Yoga • The Lake Country Mom

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Our instructors (Mitch + Courtney) are Fitness and CPR certified, so you’re in good hands.

Meet Courtney of Soul on Yoga:


I’m a yoga teacher, a textbook Pisces, vino & vinyasa enthusiast, lover of tacos, coffee chugger, and an avid traveler. I am a Wisconsin gal living blissfully in Lake Country with my lovable labrador, Lottie. So, what’s the story? Well, I have been practicing yoga on and off for years. Then… serendipitously if you will… I fell in love with the practice at a time when I ended up needing it the most.

I’ll admit, when I started practicing, I was not obsessed with finding my center or interested in learning Sanskrit… or becoming vegetarian. However, over a short period of time, I started realizing small changes that I was unconsciously implementing in my lifestyle. I was smiling (and laughing) an infinite amount, I found myself listening more attentively, and practicing patience and humility. In addition to the shifts in my life, yoga provided me with a community and lifestyle that I will be forever connected too. It’s a practice that’s even more rewarding off the mat which is what fascinated me.

This is why I was destined to create Soul On Yoga. To create a company, a community, and an outlet filled with inspiration so others, too, can find the happiest versions of their own life. Why do I teach SUP Yoga?  It pretty much aligns with the backbone of my business – to find ways to inspire off of the mat, explore your boundaries, and trying something new!

• • •

Meet Mitch of Boards & More: 


With the vision of being a resource for people who enjoyed fitness, and and the desire to bring fun and excitement to the experience, Mitch Pelsue started Boards and More by incorporating stand up paddleboading (SUP).

When I first started paddleboarding, I was enthralled by the feeling of freedom and the sense of gliding on the surface of the water, almost a feeling of “walking on water.” I also experienced the endorphin high of vigorous exercise, but this feeling was achieved without the seeming fatigue of running or bicycling. Instead of a grimace on my face, I had a big smile! Before long my pants and shorts no longer fit, as I had lost 2 inches from my waist, plus my sense of balance, posture, and core strength had improved dramatically.

When I started talking with other SUP paddlers, they spoke of having the same experience as me. The benefits of fitness along with the sheer joy of exercising on a paddle board were universally expressed by almost everyone who practices it.
Our mission is simple: Help people of all ages and athletic ability to experience the pure joy of Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP).

Summer SUP Yoga in Lake Country : Soul On Yoga + Boards and More  • The Lake Country Mom


If you can balance, you can SUP. • If you can breathe, you can yoga. • So perfect – YOU CAN SUP YOGA!

Our SUP yoga classes and workshops are for all levels – that means our little yogi’s too! Classes offer modifications, adaptions, but also a healthy challenge!


All in all, it’s still YOUR practice – so we offer it up to you. Luckily, we have a nice little grass space by the launching dock – so if you prefer doing a quick yoga class on the grass and then just playing on the boards… that’s also an option. We can ease you into becoming Zen on the Board.

• • •

What to expect in a SUP Yoga class:

Come ready to have a great time! You may get wet, so be prepared. We begin class with an introduction to stand up paddle boarding where you will learn how to paddle, turn, get up and down – and what to do if you fall!

An instructor will help you launch, and we head for a ten to fifteen minute paddle to warm up the body before anchoring down and moving through a mellow yoga flow on the boards. We explore sun salutations, steady poses, and there will be enough time for play! The class concludes with a deep relaxation on the water, with the sound of water beneath the water and nature chirping overhead 🙂

More helpful info:
Small groups are available to rent the boards (bachelorette party, just because, corporate groups), etc. prices are on my website.
Every Tuesday evening Sip and SUP (in partnership with Vino Etcetera), Sweetie’s SUP Social (bring whomever, or just yourself), and Family Paddles dates!
• • •
To learn more about all the details on classes and/or to connect:





SUP Yoga: Fowler Lake // 124 E Wisconsin Ave Oconomowoc, WI


We love you, Lake Country!

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