Tadpoles Delafield | A Unique Boutique and Kids Haircuts | Their Story

Tadpoles | A Unique Boutique and Kids Haircuts | Their Story

Tadpoles in downtown Delafield • The Lake Country Mom

I love anything unique. Add kids to it and it’s even better. Tadpoles. It’s a children’s boutique in downtown Delafield. I have been there many times for gifts and clothes for my daughter. I recently had the chance to hear the “story” of Tadpoles and how it came about about and their name.

The Tadpoles Story
It all started with Donna & Kelli, two very driven women determined to run a successful children’s boutique who worked in the travel industry together, long hours, cross-country travel, and too much time away from family. They had an idea for a children’s boutique!  They thought their schedules would be more flexible, with less travel and would be able to spend more time with family. So they started on their journey.

Where did the name come from?
They needed a name for the boutique, they played around with kids’ names for awhile. Some ideas were Jack & Jill, Madison & Avery (each of their two youngest kids), Princess & the Pear, Princess & the Frog…Frogs? Baby Frogs? Oh…TADPOLES! There you have it, Tadpoles was born!

When did it all begin?
Tadpoles was born March 24th, 2001. They had help from Ashley, a college student, majoring in art, and motivated by creativity as an employee at the time.

What is offered?
Tadpoles in Delafield started off with carrying infant through size 10 for girls and infant through size 7 for boys, but after establishing their customer base, and their little customers and friends started to grow up they wanted to grow with them – they then went up to size 16 for girls and size 10 for boys!

A few years into the business their hair salon, The Lily Pad was born. They felt a need to provide a service for their customers. It’s just for kids, how fun! As business grew, all of the Tadpoles’ kids grew, they needed more space!  Tadpoles moved up the street to its current location, 708 Genesee Street (the old jewelry store) which offered a great deal of space, in 2006!

Tadpoles a children's boutique in downtown Delafield, WI • The Lake Country Mom

Not only did the Tadpoles’ customers grow up but Donna & Kelli’s employee Ashley grew up too! The Tadpoles family celebrated a wedding and a baby, which is when Ashley’s sister, Taylor, took over with Donna & Kelli in 2008.

What’s happened since then?

o   Tadpoles’ 10th Birthday celebration

o   They started an online store where customers all over the country can shop on their website!

o   Tadpoles became a Tea Collection Passport store! – They now carry every Tea Collection delivery, spring, summer, fall and winter! (in their store and on our webstore)

o   They started carrying The North Face for kids!

o   Gift Registries – You can now register at Tadpoles for baby showers, through their website or in their store!

o   They are now celebrating their 13th birthday! They be carrying Toms shoes for kids in April! How awesome!

By talking with them you can tell each of them love what they do so much. Interacting with and getting to know their customers is so important to the three of them.  Whether they are helping a soon-to-be mom & dad find the perfect outfit to bring their brand new baby home from the hospital in, helping a little girl shop for her First Communion Gown, or greeting all our little haircut clients as they walk into the Lily Pad, it’s a gift to experience all of these special moments with their Tadpoles customers.  Watching their mini Tadpoles shoppers grow up is remarkable, and they never can believe how fast it happens! They are also really involved in the Delafield community, which is so wonderful.

Tadpoles Owners involved in their community of Delafield • The Lake Country Mom

Tadpoles Hours & Contact

o   Open Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm

o 708 Genesee St Delafield, WI 53018

o   262.646.5556

Tadpoles Online & Social Media

o Website/Online Store

o Twitter

o Facebook

 Lily Pad (Hair Salon)

o   $18 for haircut

o   2 Stylists, Miss Jenny & Miss Sandy (haircut appointments are offered Wednesday days and evenings, Thursday afternoons, Friday mornings and Saturdays)

o   At the Lily Pad they also do ear piercing for kids ages 5+ ($30)

Haircuts for kids at the Lily Pad at Tadpoles in Delafield • The Lake Country Mom

I highly recommend you go, they have such unique and adorable clothes and accessories there, as well has great haircuts for your kiddos! Whether it’s for a gift or for your own child, you will be so happy to find something so original and cute!


We love you, Lake Country!

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