Chill. 6 Ways to Unwind & Decrease Stress

Girl Reading a Book

  1. Read a book. Now when I say book, I do not mean Charlie goes to the Museum. I mean indulge in a good book (for grown-ups)-let it involve love, mystery, lust, big dreams.Use it to escape reality.
  2. Take a bath. Warm or hot, add bubbles, lots of them. Heck, light candles, dim the lights and pretend you are at a fancy resort or spa. Play some soothing music.
  3. Pour a drink. Whatever you fancy-coffee, tea, warm milk? But, depending on the day you’ve had maybe you should stick to wine? If one leads to two, then oh well.
  4. Curl up in your comfiest p.j’s-who cares if they are flannel, with holes, or are really four times your size. They are comfortable, right? Your husband may look your way and give you a look. But, keep walking..jump into that big chair, or your fluffy bed. Sit back, and snuggle into your blankets. Try not to have a care in the world. You are cozy.
  5. Breathe. Well, duh, right? No, breathe with focus. Concentrate on your breathing. Focus on inhaling and exhaling and when your belly rises and falls. Doing this for several minutes takes the focus away from worrying about work, the way you looked in your swim suit last Sunday, what they heck are you going to make for dinner (again.) I promise, try it.
  6. Run. Okay, okay. I know we all are not runners. Although we may have the cutest running shoes, and latest running app on our phones, we are not quite there yet. I am not saying go out and run for miles. Set a goal, run or even briskly walk, put the focus into the run. Let your imagination go wild.

Now, please seriously do it-decrease stress. They work. If you have some ways to add to our list, leave us a comment.



We love you, Lake Country!

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