Think You Have to Be Like All the Other Moms? Think Again.

Mom playing with kids.

Think You Have to Be Like All the Other Moms? Think Again. Getting up early, making breakfast, taking a rushed shower (if you’re lucky,) making phone calls, driving around your kids, packing lunches, running errands, cleaning bathrooms, going to work, making dinner…STOP. Go play. Play? Yes, I said play. Be a kid again (at least for a few minutes a day.) We often forget, we may be a grown-ups, but we still know how to doodle during a meeting, or lick a melting ice-cream cone, ride your bike to buy a candy bar.With the kids? Don’t watch from the bench, get in there, go down the slide, dig in the sandbox. Embarrassed? Don’t be. You will be the envy of all the other kid’s parents. You child will look to you like the hero you are. You can do it! Color, create, embrace your inner child. I ensure you, life will be happier.

Leave us some comments and tell us how you let out your inner child.

We love you, Lake Country!

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