The World’s Greatest Junk Parade in Sullivan

The World’s Greatest Junk Parade in Sullivan  

•Sunday, Sept 1 2-4pm from Sullivan to Rome•

Have you ever been to to this Junk Parade everyone talks about? If not-you should go. Here is the scoop on all the fun! Also following the parade- at Fireman’s Park in Rome there will be live music, kid’s games and food! Music: Big Kenny N30S and Rabid Aardvarks

World's Greatest Junk Parade

World’s Greatest Junk Parade

If you were born after 1986, or you didn’t live in the Rome/Sullivan area in the 80s, you probably know nothing about the Junk Parade.  The World’s Greatest Junk Parade was and is like no other parade you’ve ever experienced.  Forget about the shiny cars, brightly colored trucks and farm tractors that you’re used to seeing in all the other parades.The World’s Greatest Junk Parade is just the opposite. In fact the worse the parade entry looks, all the better.
junk parade
From old rundown and rusty manure spreaders, to beat-up, banged-up cars and even motorboats with wheels.Pretty much anything goes in The World’s Greatest Junk Parade. The Junk Parade got it’s beginnings from two buddy entrepreneur’s Udo Fuchs and AJ Luebke back in 1976.  You could tell by the name of their company U.W.A.N.G (Useless, Worthless and Absolutely No Good) that shenanigans and fun were a top priority.  The two had recently returned from a trip to Australia to see how the other side of the world lived.  And well the trip must have had an impact on the both of them, because during an evening of enjoyment of mass quantities of a frothy beverage they came up with the idea of attempting an “Evil Kneivel Like” stunt of jumping a car over open water in the Village of Rome.  Well, of course word travels fast in small towns like Rome and Sullivan and pretty soon side bets as to whether Udo (UWANG) could make the jump over water, were started and additional side-show activities were born too.  A common idea and thought was “If Udo plans to jump his old junker car over water, why don’t we usher him down to Rome with all our accompanying junk in a parade?  Brilliant!  And The World’s Greatest Junk Parade was born out of the fun and shenanigans of two good ‘ole buddy’s from Rome and Sullivan.
Now fast forward to present day, after having the first Junk Parade revival in 2008 and enjoying enormous success, they have committed themselves the last few years to making The World’s Greatest Junk Parade even bigger and better.
More more info visit their site here.

We love you, Lake Country!

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