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When is the right time to have another baby?

Lying in bed the other night I asked my husband if he still wanted another baby. He looked at me as though I was crazy. He said, of course he would do it again. I have to admit, our daughter is awesome. She doesn’t give us any trouble; she wakes up once a night to eat and goes right back to bed.

She smiles all the time and is genuinely a happy baby. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect daughter. She brings such joy to my heart and every time I look at her I smile and think how lucky I am to have her.  Being a stay at home mom is challenging yet rewarding. I would love to have another baby to play with and teach. Our daughter needs a sibling to torture growing up just like we all had! I have one brother and one sister; we fought like cats and dogs growing up. It took until we all moved out of the house to become the best of friends. I want her to have the same experiences that I had growing up.


When I start to think about having another child, I think that maybe he or she would not be so happy or a good baby. What if that baby cried all the time; could I handle a colicky child? My husband doesn’t think I could handle two babies at once. I could handle two, but I think one needs to be at least two years old and on the verge of being potty trained.

When my parents had us, my sister and I are two years apart and my brother and I are thirteen months apart. When I asked my mom if it was hard, she said yes but she was glad to have us all close in age and get us all out of diapers. I am thirty-something years old, and my mom was twenty-four years old. If she could do it, so could I. Then on the other hand, I get really excited thinking about sleep. As my daughter gets older I may get to sleep in a little longer and not get up during the night. I know this is a selfish thought, and most likely I will never sleep in until our children move out of the house.

So I ask again, do you wait until the first child is older and can do more for themselves? Or do you just jump in and have another baby right away and keep on with the sleepless nights and changing diapers?

So the question stands, is there ever a right time to have another baby?


This guest post is from Jody Tomann, blogger at Life as a new mama (she has since become pregnant and is expecting her second baby this April!)

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