I Hope I Make You Proud – The Thoughts of A Physician Mother in the Time of COVID-19

To my children,
I dreamt of being a doctor since I was young.
“I want to help people” I said.
But never did I imagine working during a pandemic. A pandemic that would reach our shores, our state, our town, our hospital.
I never imagined I would pause before entering the hospital, unsure of what await inside, or worse, acutely aware.
The calling perseveres — despite the risk, despite the fear, despite the unknown. To be there for my patients, driven by my oath.

I dreamt of being a mom since I was young.
“I want kids” I said, long before I met Dad.
But never did I imagine raising my children during a pandemic. Homeschooling. Explaining what’s going on in the gentlest of terms. Entertaining and nurturing three who are blissfully unaware of what haunts the streets.  
The calling perseveres — fulfilling as ever. To be there for you, my greatest blessings, driven by love.

A once in a lifetime circumstance, allowing the opportunity to shine bright in both roles, as new responsibilities I never imagined are thrust upon me. I will not shy away.

Being a mother has made me a better doctor and I have you to thank for that. I am forever humbled by the privilege to serve in both roles. Honored to be a doctor. Blessed to be your mama. I hope I make you proud as both.


Allison Nelson
I’m a lifelong Wisconsinite and I’m so excited to be joining The Lake Country Mom!! I live in Delafield with my husband and my three kids. We are currently smack dab in the toddler years in my house, which means I have just started exploring family friendly activities, events and restaurants. I’m honored to be joining a team that helps bring these experiences to Lake Country families!! When I’m not wrangling my two little ones, I work as an OB/Gyn for Moreland OB/Gyn in Waukesha and Hartland. I love serving women in the community I live in. I started and run a Facebook group called Moreland Moms (feel free to join us!). It is an interactive group of 650+ local moms, helping and supporting each other through life’s greatest (and at times, most stressful) journey. In my free time, I love exploring local shops and restaurants. I love a good cup of coffee, a well arranged cheeseboard, a glass of red or a local microbrew. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences in Lake Country with everyone! // Follow along on Instagram // Follow the Moreland OBGYN website + blog

We love you, Lake Country!

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