Burn Boot Camp is opening in Waukesha within 4 weeks!

It was a cold January night and Burn Boot Camp – Lake Country was hosting a holiday party for their thriving member base.  Neither of us were entirely sure we wanted to leave our comfy clothes on this particular Saturday night, but something about showing up and socially hanging out with the people who only see your 5:30am face every day felt nice.  We somehow started a conversation and jokes around our mom challenges with jumping and bathroom breaks during the AM camp that we both attended each and every morning.

While we had provided each other 100’s of high fives, encouragement and support during those camps, we had never once had an actual conversation outside of Burn.  When we finally did that night, we were surprised to find that we were both in a wildly similar place in life, overwhelmed working moms dealing with some wicked mental/emotional health challenges while simultaneously searching for a new career path that involved filling up others in the same way Burn had done for us.  Talk about a lot of unknowns while each of us managing a heavy load while trying to be the best mom, wife, friend and person we could be.  

Fast forward 8 months and our partnership was formed and together both we, Carey Tump and Karen Pederson, became owners and Franchise Partners of Burn

Burn Boot Camp is opening in Waukesha within 4 weeks!

Boot Camp – Waukesha.  How incredibly crazy and magical is that?  Two strangers, bonded together during our own unique Burn journeys, brought together in friendship and passion for lifting others in the way Burn had done for us individually.  And here we are, one month away from opening our own.  

Here are five of the raw, authentic reasons why Burn Boot Camp is beyond special and why we think you’re going to think it’s pretty darn unique too: 

ONE. // Physical/Emotional/Mental Transformations in the Making – Burn Boot Camp meets you where you are at, not only physically but emotionally. We celebrate, support and challenge people new to their fitness journey, all the way to elite athletes looking for an even greater boost to their routine. There are modifications for absolutely everything. We high five for your first push up ever, or your 30th in a row. Burn has challenged us each in unique ways and we are both physically stronger because of it. Would have never thought we could do a double under or jump without tripping over the tall Burn bar, but we’ve done it…with a lot of work.


Burn has been the reboot, recharge, breath of air we’ve needed during some heavy, hard times.It’s helped us meet depression, anxiety and even grief from a tragic family loss head on.It has been the reason to get out of bed some days, the reason we celebrate ourselves, the reason we were able to meet each other and become fast friends and turn our passion into a true reality.Ask anyone who has been attending a Burn for several months and we will bet they will speak to the emotional and mental health benefits they recognize, in addition to the physical.

TWO. // Our fitness product is like no other. You will only get the best of the best trainers at Burn Boot Camp, led by founder and CEO Devan Kline.As members ourselves, we appreciated the fact that no two workouts are EVER the same, and each week the protocol looks different (for example, it’s not like every single Monday is “leg day”). It was nice to feel the change of pace every single week and be challenged in new ways, none of which involve using machines. When we missed a camp, we both suffered from severe FOMO when we knew we missed a good one (weren’t they all!).


As part of this journey, both of us became certified personal trainers and alongside a wildly talented and brilliant training team, we cannot wait to help the Burn Waukesha community achieve their unique fitness goals.  You will be challenged, encouraged and safely guided by our team through each camp, not by a TV screen of any sort.  You will truly feel the impact of what personal training in a group setting looks like at Burn.  

Oh and remember how we mentioned there were many days that were hard to show up for us?  Another awesome benefit of Burn – you don’t need to secure a spot at any of the seven camps we run each day.  You have unlimited access to camps and don’t get penalized if you miss one.  You will however likely hear from your Burn Sisters or Burn Misters that will give you a friendly nudge for missing – that accountability, community and friendship is what Burn is all about. 


THREE. // Community! Burn Boot Camp empowers, encourages and inspires people to be the best version of themselves with the community that is created inside of our walls. Five of the camp times are female only and two are co-ed to support our Burn Misters as well, each of the seven camps times made with your busy schedule in mind. High fives are in high volume, celebrations for milestones are just part of the culture. Friendships, accountability buddies, PARTNERSHIPS like ours are formed at Burn. These fill us up in ways you will just have to experience yourself at Burn Waukesha. Oh yeah, your membership is universal – which means you can experience Burn all over the United States when you are on vacation, traveling for work, or even just for fun to check out a new training team and space. Such a great extension of community!


FOUR. // Free Childwatch! Say what? Yes, you read that right! Burn Boot Camp offers free childwatch at 4 of our camps each day!As moms ourselves, we love that our kids have a fun, safe place to go while we invest in ourselves and others. Moms can bring their kiddos worry free and spend 45 minutes focusing on themselves during camp. Your kids will start to make new friends, just like mom, and pretty soon they will be asking you when they get to go back to Burn!


FIVE. // FREE 30 DAYS! That’s right, as a new location, Burn Boot Camp Waukesha is able to offer a limited number of people free access to everything for a full 30 days, starting right when we open our doors. We have so much faith in our fitness product, community and the support you will receive, we know this 30 days will be the best launchpad and reboot you too may have needed. We all need that jumpstart, that nudge and that tug to get us going. We encourage you and yours to give it a try!

We cannot say it enough, but we get you…we’ve been there.  We have dove all in and will meet you RIGHT where YOU are AT come day one.  We have laid our cards out to show you how invested we are in helping YOU reach your physical, emotional and mental health goals. 

Just show up, we will take it from there. We are and will be your greatest fans after all!

 We CANNOT wait to be part of your future transformation story. 

Carey Tump & Karen Pederson
Burn Boot Camp Waukesha – Owners & Franchise Partners

Disclosure: Although The Lake Country Mom was compensated to feature this post, we would only share business, services, products and ideas we love and would use in our own lives. 

We love you, Lake Country!

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