Fellow Lake Country Moms, are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?


Fellow Lake Country Moms, are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  

I (Shannon Foley) sure was.  Last summer a neighbor began posting about some supplements that she was trying and one post she wrote really struck a chord.  She asked if anyone was experiencing: 

  • Lack of energy (Umm, Yes!  I have 3 little boys)
  • Brain fog (Yes again. Why did I go upstairs?)
  • Weight Issues (Unfortunately, Yes)
  • Sleeping problems (Yep.  Tossing and turning a LOT)
  • Feeling blue  (Yes.  But I don’t know why – I really have a great life)
  • Sugar or carb cravings (Doesn’t everyone?)
  • Frequent headaches (Surprisingly, No.  But I know a lot of people who do)
  • Blood sugar crashes (Is that why I always want to take a nap after lunch?)
  • Gut issues  (Yep, ever since I took some strong antibiotics a couple years ago)

After answering “Yes” to nearly everything on her list, I decided to reach out and learn a little bit more.

Have you heard about Plexus?  Neither had I. 

My neighbor was a very satisfied customer (and new Ambassador) of Plexus Worldwide®, a health and wellness company that is committed to providing its customers with life-changing products. Plexus has a line of plant-based products that help address the root cause of many of the issues stated above.

But what is the root cause of these seemingly unrelated issues?  For many of us, it’s an unhealthy gut and/or unbalanced blood sugar.  More and more research suggests that the bacteria living in our intestines plays a significant role in our overall health.  Medications (especially antibiotics and antacids), environmental toxins, stress and our diet greatly affect the ratio of good to bad bacteria.  When the bad bacteria start to take over, the resulting imbalance in our gut flora has been linked to an array of mental and physical health conditions.  Google “gut health and your choice of disease” and you’ll probably find some interesting research.

Blood sugar imbalances can stem from stress or a diet high in sugars and simple carbohydrates.  The effect of sugar in our diet is illustrated in this photo of the sugar addiction cycle.  Stress can cause a similar hormonal reaction.  The hormonal roller coaster of dopamine, insulin, and cortisol can wreak havoc in our bodies and as noted in the illustration, cause immediate fat storage.


Plexus Slim, ProBio5 and BioCleanse are three Plexus products that work together to balance your blood sugar and improve your gut health.  Other Plexus products include XFactor, a multivitamin that includes an aloe blend to increase vitamin absorption; MegaX, a plant-based Omega supplement (no fish burps!); and Ease, a natural product that can replace your ibuprofen or acetaminophen for discomfort relief.

60day slim

So I tried it. No risk – there is a 60 day Money Back Guarantee!

Since I’ve started Plexus, I can describe the way I feel in one word.  AMAZING.  Taking Plexus has been a game changer for my health – both physical and mental. Since starting the Plexus Tri-Plex (Plexus Slim, ProBio5 and BioCleanse), I have more energy, less “brain fog,” and finally have the willpower to change my bad eating habits. Over the years, I’ve tried all sorts of programs to get myself healthier but nothing really seemed to stick or to address what was really going on in my body. The 3-2-1 punch of stabilizing my blood sugar (Slim), populating my gut with good bacteria (ProBio5) and cleaning the junk out of my gut (BioCleanse) has helped me do what I’ve always been hoping – eat better and live healthier!

Plexus is not a magic pill that helps you lose weight and get healthy without trying. Drinking a LOT of water, eating right and getting more exercise are all part of the puzzle. But for me, Plexus was the missing piece to help me get there. How about you? Are you missing a piece to the puzzle?

Learn More about Plexus

Shannon Foley, Independent Ambassador #491108

> Visit and LIKE her Facebook page ( to get product information, tips and links or to message me.

> Shop now at (  Although I recommend touching base with a Plexus Ambassador (like me!) before ordering.

>  Join me on March 12 at 10am at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Pewaukee to hear about the life-changing products offered by Plexus.  If you are interested, you can also learn about starting your own home-based Plexus business.  It’s a great company with a great compensation plan!

The event is hosted by the neighbor that started me on this path, Ruth Ann Ahnen. Ruth Ann is head swim coach at Arrowhead High School whose teams have won numerous state championships and produced many All-Americans. She is an adventurer and confessed health nut. She has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, gone to Everest Base camp and completed numerous ultra events.




Disclosure: Although this is a sponsored blog post, The Lake Country Mom will only share about tested and safe products. Always consult your physician before starting any program. The Lake Country Mom does not promote or endorse these products for your health, as we are not physicians. 


We love you, Lake Country!

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