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Top 5 reasons to sign up your kiddo for storybook ballet at Petite Pas Ballet School in the heart of lake country in downtown Delafield.

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1.  Petite Pas Ballet School is the Milwaukee area’s ONLY storybook ballet studio. What does storybook ballet studio mean?  We take classical ballets that have been brought to the some of the most famous stages around the world and bring them to life into our classroom through props, music and storytelling.  Ballets like:  Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Coppelia and many many more were part of our curriculum last year.  This year we will be featuring ballet themes like:  Swan Lake, Peter & The Wolf, La Boutique Fantasque, The Little Humpbacked Horse, Rodeo and Midsummer Night’s Dream to name a few!  We can hardly contain ourselves with these beautiful themes and their equally beautiful musical scores.  Our goal in creating a storybook ballet studio is to ensure that every student that grows within our program will have a solid appreciation for the art form (music and ballet) that will translate into a lover of the arts in their older years.  Even if they don’t all turn into ballet dancers, they will at least have a profound appreciation for the art form that will follow them through the years.
2.  We teach age-appropriate classical ballet.  We use only proper ballet terminology (all in French) and teach the children a solid foundation that will propel them in any activity they choose beyond our studio doors.  Some of those activities include sports, gymnastics and of course, dance!  Ballet (and the language of ballet) spreads to all those disciplines and beyond.  Our teachers at the studio have decades of experience between them that extend from degrees in dance, professional dance careers and beyond.  Both of our teachers also hold higher education degrees in early childhood education.  Why is this combination of education and experience important to us?  Our curriculum is designed to be age-appropriate both physically and developmentally.  Our little dancers are set up for nothing but great success!
3. Why is ballet important?  An early introduction to the arts is critical in the overall development of all children. There is study upon study that shows that learning a craft like ballet can propel children in their academics (math in particular) and the physical benefits are vast.  Ballet and programs of the like allow children to build confidence, provide wonderful discipline and focus and of course – it is all sprinkled with magic and beautiful world where the child’s imagination leads the way.
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4.  A little more about us!  Our ballet instruction starts quite early with our youngest students (Petite Tot Division) whose ages range from 18 months – 3 years of age (a caregiver participation course).  Many people wonder about the benefit of teaching ballet to such a young age group and our response is quite simple.  The earlier you can introduce a child to creative movement and music – the more benefits they will gain.  Our tots are amazing!  Many of them have a broader ballet vocabulary (all in French of course) than many students much older than them in other programs.  Plus, the caregiver participation class is such an amazing bonding experience with the little dancer!  How wonderful to have the opportunity to twirl with the best dancing partner around!
Our next division is the Petite Children’s Division (level 1, 2 and 3).  These divisions are for our kids that range from 3-5 years of age.  At these levels kids are attending classes independently and are submerged in terminology and technique!  This age group is our most curious – most creative – and most willing to explore, learn and twirl to their hearts content!  This is the level where kids will really determine whether or not they want to continue dancing ballet – many who find their passion for this art form and stick with it for a long time!
Next we have our Pre-Ballet Division that is designed for our elementary school pioneers who range from 6-8 years of age.  Pre-Ballet classes offer more discipline, technique and terminology and in this division we introduce the much coveted ballet barre!  Although this group of dancers are a bit older – the whimsy and magic our studio provides with each and every class is still appreciated and loved by our students!
This year we are adding a Ballet I level!  This level is designed for children who are 8 years old and above.  In this division the kids now attend a one hour class (vs. the previous 45 minute classes in all other levels) with more barre and centre work.  Here we really fine tune technique, terminology and add some amazing combinations.
We will continue to add levels as our students progress through our program – but we prefer to move them through our program before adding them to ensure that they all have that solid foundation that will provide a safe and healthy growth through any ballet program!
5.  We have already added over 30 new families to our ballet studio over the summer program!  We are excited to be starting our 2nd year in business with beautiful enrollment numbers and probably the most adorable little dancers in town!  Our enrollment for the new Academic Year is ongoing but our classes are filling up quite quickly!
We invite you to join us at our Open House on August 29th at Petite Pas Ballet School between the hours of 11am – 1pm.  EVENT DETAILS, HERE. This will give potential new students a chance to see our studio, ask any questions and meet the teachers!
We highly recommend registering for the new Academic Year soon – as many of our classes are already full!  We keep our classes small to ensure that each student receives the most from their ballet education and time in the studio.
Summer Ballet Camp at Petite Pas Ballet School in downtown Delafield, WI • The Lake Country Mom
You can learn more about Petite Pas Ballet School located in downtown Delafield here and/or to REGISTER:
524 Milwaukee Street, Suite 204
Delafield, Wisconsin
(262) 303-4421

We love you, Lake Country!

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